A new book on Software Architecture -- now available!

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The purpose of this book is to describe practical representations and development techniques for large-scale software architectures. The goal is to enable other software architects, developers, and managers to become more effective as a direct result of our experiences on several large-scale software development projects. We describe the techniques and architecture representations we have utilized successfully. In addition, we describe some approaches and representations that are advocated by others, but that we have seen to be less than effective.

This book is intended to be a brief practical guide. We cover only the essential information to guide the software teams in defining the software architecture, providing pointers to further reading. Ideally, we can help software development teams avoid the common practice of capturing the architecture after development instead of utilizing it as a tool to guide the development.

For more, download the table of contents(pdf).

For more information see the Book Website.

To see one the papers that led to this book see: Representing Software Architectures for Large Scale Systems [html] [pdf]

by Jeff Garland and Dick Anthony