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Each participant will be expected to develop a position paper describing a particular library or category of libraries that is lacking in the current C++ standard library and Boost. The participant should explain why the library or libraries would advance the state of C++ programming. Ideally, the paper should sketch the proposed library interface and concepts. This will be a unique opportunity to critique and review library proposals. Alternatively, a participant might describe the strengths and weaknesses of existing libraries and how they might be modified to fill the need.

Form of Submissions

Submissions should consist of a 3-10 page paper that gives at least the motivation for and an informal description of the proposal. This may be augmented by source or other documentation of the proposed libraries, if available. Preferred form of submission is a PDF file.

Important Dates


 Contact committee    oopsla2004@crystalclearsoftware.com

Program Committee

 Jeff Garland
 Nicolai Josuttis
 Kevlin Henney
 Jeremy Siek

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