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OOPSLA2004/Workshop -- Call for Participation


C++, Boost, and the Future of C++ Libraries

Goals and Theme

Advance the development of new C++ libraries by discussing new library proposals. Goal is to discuss new library proposals, their relative merits, and provide feedback on initial designs.


The C++ standard library provides a set of classes that greatly simplifies software development. However, it is not all that is needed in day-to-day programming. For this reason, Boost was founded to develop upcoming C++ library extensions. Now, in a new revision of the C++ Standard several Boost libraries are being integrated. However, what comes next? Even with the Boost library collection, the range of libraries available for C++ to support application development still falls below other languages.

In this workshop we will work on other libraries that might extend C++ (for example a library for communications via sockets). The workshop is open for all who are interested in providing or suggesting a new C++ library. Participants will write a position statement about the library and the needs it would fulfill. The workshop will concentrate on providing feedback on the ideas and on any concrete first implementations.

Workshop Preparation

Each participant will be expected to develop a position paper describing a particular library or category of libraries that is lacking in the current C++ standard library and Boost. The participant should explain why the library or libraries would advance the state of C++ programming. Ideally, the paper should sketch the proposed library interface and concepts. This will be a unique opportunity to critique and review library proposals. Alternatively, a participant might describe the strengths and weaknesses of existing libraries and how they might be modified to fill the need.

Papers will be distributed in advance to all participants for review and consideration. Participants should be prepared to provide a short presentation of their work as a start to review and discussion.

Preliminary Agenda

Post Workshop Activities

A summary of the event and discussion will submitted to the Boost development community which is actively bringing new libraries forward for C++ standardization.

Workshop Place and Time

The workshop will be 1 day from 8:30 to ~ 5 pm on Monday Oct 25 at OOPSLA 2004 held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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