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uBLAS Users and Developers Meeting


Since the major goal of the meeting is to discuss the further evolution of uBLAS, presentations by participants are followed by a (short) discussion and the day is closed with a review session. In the review session, topics are discussed that arise during the presentations that require more time.

All participants can propose to perform (one or multiple) presentations. For every presentation a subject and a short abstract should be submitted. Presentations should not take longer than 30min (although exceptions allowed). Every presentation will be followed by a discussion moderated by the chairman. At the end of each day, a 'reporter' quickly reviews the minutes and presents the conclusions in the review session and the items that are still left open.

You can send the subject and abstract of your presentation to the organiser. The chairman schedules the presentations in order to make sure that similar subjects are presented in the same half day. Depending on the number of presentations, we will be able to decide on the duration of the meeting.

We also have vacancies for the organiser, chairmen (intentionally plural) and reporters. Everybody can propose himself and/or somebody else to be a chairman and/or reporter. All persons proposed that also accept will chair or report about part of the meeting (rotation scheme).




The planning is made on Monday.

Topics suggested:


The meeting will take place in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium in the offices of Free Field Technologies S.A (http://www.fft.be) Free Field Technologies S.A. (the employer of Karl Meerbergen and Toon Knapen) has offered to host the meeting at their HQ which is 30km south-east of Brussels. There is a training-room available with 6 dual-boot windows/linux PC's and projector. The offices are located in the center of Louvain-la-Neuve (a small university city) with (cheap) hotels nearby.


October 25 - 26th, 2004 Start: Octobre 25 at 14h00 End: Octobre 26th at 17h00.


Have confirmed:

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