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Due to continued spamming on this wiki, we have initiated an aggressive set of content filters to prevent it. The wiki will now refuse to commit a large number of words and links associated with spam. If you are trying to commit appropriate content and feel that the wiki is blocking you, please send an email to webmaster@crystalclearsoftware.com.

The users of this wiki rapidly remove all spam -- so don't waste your time and ours. You will NOT improve your google ranking by linking from here. We immediately ban all spammers from editing on the first offense.

Finally, please keep in mind that when you spam this wiki you are wasting the time of the very people who build software that supports web and other software applications that improve your life. In the case of the Boost community it is a volunteer organization which freely gives away the software it creates. 'Repaying us' by defacing our community site is just plain pathetic...

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