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Boost Socket Library

These pages are now mostly obsolete - See Boost.asio for a Boost library that incorportates networking capability.

The overall objective of the Boost Socket Library is to provide a modern, safe, portable C++ socket library suitable for wide use and eventual standardization.

C++ programmers currently have no standard or de facto standard C++ socket library to access the power of TCP/IP and the Internet. Even those C++ programmers willing to use C interfaces find that C sockets libraries often differ somewhat from one another, making portability a headache.

Note, Hugo D who has been the driving force on this has moved the current implementation to it's own home on sourceforge -- http://sourceforge.net/projects/giallo -- 2004-Apr-12

Hmm perhaps of interest: I wrote (part of!) a socket library as well a couple of months ago, which looks a little like this one. Perhaps it's usefull to take a look at it. F.ex. I use URL's for initialisation rather than writing down a number of lines, and there are some other differences as well... http://cpp.student.utwente.nl/cgi-bin/cvsweb/socket/src/ -- 2004, nov 7th
Hi, thanks you all for your contribution! But I cannot figure out why Boost.Asio is never mentioned here or other network related pages on this Wiki? Boost.Asio is really a fantastic library and has already implemented many things mentioned here. It's proactor framework is also excellent and scales well. My echo server based on Boost.Asio can easily handle up to 60k connections with Linux kernel 2.6. -- 2007, apr 25th
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